A zBag is a clear plastic zip bag that contains a few, simple items that you or I might take for granted. These "little" things can make a HUGE difference for someone less fortunate. 

What's in a zBag? 

1 Plastic 16 oz sealed water bottle 

1 Roll of Duct Tape 

1 Pair of Socks (any size) 

2 Small Non-Perishable Snacks 

1 Handwritten 2x4 Note Card  

1 Travel sized toothpaste 

1 New (sealed) toothbrush 

1 Individually Wrapped Flossing Stick

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What's the cost of a zBag?

The bag with contents cost less than $3.00

The joy of giving is priceless.

Zips 4 Kids Logo with bag.png